Walking through Germany

Trail to Dilsberg, Germany

Some of the advantages of walking in Germany is that the country is beautiful, with breath taking landscapes, the trails are very well looked after, some of them are as good as roads, and the trails' signs are usually easy to find and follow. Another advantage is that you are never too far from a village and a Biergarten or a Weinstube for a little refreshment after the hike!

With these trails criss-crossing the entire country you can go from the Baltic Sea in the North to the Alps in the South. And as Germany is centrally located in Europe, you can easily visit other countries such as Italy and Switzerland, or how about a little detour into Provence?

Alps, Bayern, Germany

There are many types of trails too, from the very easy ones suitable for families with kids or elderly people to the most challenging ones such as crossing the Alps.

You can get all kind of trail maps in the tourist offices of each region. Because there are so many of these maps, it is easier to go directly to the nearest information centre and ask them about the region where you would like to go than to try and find some on the net.

Trail Sign on Stone, Germany

Most of these maps show you the elevation and the distance between stops as well as sights of interest. A lot of the walking trails are shared by bikes but some bike trails are only for bikes (specially the ones for mountain bikes). So, make sure you are following the good one, it should be indicated on the map.

Once on a trail in the woods or following a river between two cities or villages, you will also forget that you are in one of the most densely populated countries in the world; it is so green all around that one does not feel overcrowded. And that is one of the most appealing characteristics of this country: lots of nice modern cities with museums and entertainment on the one hand and on the other, lots of forests and countryside with very old villages to discover! A perfect balance between old and new, with something for everyone to enjoy!

Neckarsteinach Castle, Neckar Valley, Germany

Something we really like doing too is to take the train to a certain point, or a certain village, and come back on a trail. Or do the reverse; walk as far as we can and come back on a train. It allows us to go further towards parts of Germany that we have yet to discover and at the same time we don't feel like we have to rush both ways. We much prefer going at a gentle pace, smelling the roses and taking time to really look around us, and maybe even follow some paths we didn't know existed.

You never know, you might find a most exquisite castle with a very nice dining room! It happened to us! After all, Germany is well known for its many castles dotting the entire country. While many of them have been restored as hotels and restaurants or museums, others are still inhabited by the original families.

Another important point for those who don't feel too confident about their sense of direction is that a lot of people use these trails at all times. So, if ever you feel lost, chances are you'll see someone to ask for directions. But keep a map with you, without it it is sometime difficult to explain the trails that should be followed.

There are also many walking and Nordic walk clubs throughout Germany that you can join. The best way to get info about them is to go to the Rathaus (city hall) or to the regional tourist office of your area.

Have Fun!

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