Sailing in Germany

Sailing on the Neckar River, Germany

Sailing is a very popular sport in Germany. And there is a good reason for it: the country is covered with lakes and rivers. You can sail, called Segel in German, on most of them even if you are a beginner!

Water Sport Club, Neckargemund, Germany

But there is a place that is particularly appreciated by Germans and their visitors to sail and that is the Baltic sea in the north of the country.

Many clubs have their headquarters there and you could rent a boat while staying in a small cottage or at a nice hotel overlooking the sea. There are also programs offer to school children and a big international regatta once a year.

For more info you can go to your nearest tourist office and to Nordstern Club (North Star)or to The Hamburg Sailing Club.

Two Sailing Boats, Germany

These are only two clubs among many others. Unfortunately, as with most German web-sites, these ones are only available in German.

Two other interesting sites are for the city of Hamburg and the city of Lübeck. Both are well done, particularly the Lübeck one, and available in English.

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