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Here are a few eBooks and web-sites that we found very useful while traveling in Europe or anywhere else!

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How To Have the Most Fantastic Cruise

How To Have the Most Fantastic Cruise Vacation Possible At The Lowest Price!

Ex-Airline Pilot and Flight Attendant - Veterans of Numerous Cruises... Reveal How You Can Have The Most Enjoyable Vacation You Could Ever Imagine!

For those of you who would like to try a cruise trip, here is an interesting guide. They also have video and MP3 audio to give tips on how to have wonderful time on cruise at affordable prices! Click Here!

Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights

Insider Secrets to Cheap Flights - Downsized Agent Reveals All
Air Travel will always be expensive and people will always want to save big money on flights.

If you are planning a vacation, wish you could visit distant family or just want to see the world then my guide is for you. I give you all the essentials on getting cheap flights, tell you the scams to avoid and reveal all of the biggest money saving confidential insider secrets the airlines have threatened me to keep silent about.

Think about all the vacations you could take or the family you could visit, if you knew how to get dirt cheap airfare. When you begin using the insider secrets in this guide, you will be able to make all your travel desires a reality.

Flying whenever and wherever you want will absolutely change your life. Don't hesitate, get my guide today, before the airlines bury this information forever.

Click Here! to get details about the secrets in this guide, with a 60 day "Double Your Investment" money back guarantee and information on how to purchase it.

You can also look at this web-site from an "ex-flight attendant". There are some rather interesting secrets that he discloses.

Oktoberfest Will Cost You Thousands

Oktoberfest Will Cost You Thousands...

This is a very true statement for most visitors going to Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest. Here is a very realistic estimate of what you (assuming you’re American) might spend traveling to and from, and staying in Munich during a 5 day trip to Oktoberfest – and this is if you’re already a budget traveler:
Low End High End
Airfare $600 $1,500
Hotel $800 $1,600
Food & Drink $300 $600
Costume $0 $200
Other (transportation, rides, tours, internet) $100 $300
Total Cost (Range) $1,800 $4,200

Do you want to spend $4000 to go drink beer? No, of course you don’t! But you still want to experience the world’s largest party at Oktoberfest, right?

That’s why the Oktoberfest Budget Travel Guide was put together. You can go to Oktoberfest, but not blow through your life savings. This guide will teach you the veteran secrets on how to save hundreds or potentially THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on your visit to Oktoberfest.
Click Here! for more info!

The Ultimate Teaching Position

For those of you who would like to make some money while traveling, and who knows English well, here is a book that can help you achieve both:Click Here!

Give it a try, you never know!

Discover New Zealand

A web-site that we find very informative regarding just about everything to do with New Zealand is Living in New Zealand You will find there information about the banks, the food, the possibility of job, etc. It is a well documented, easy to use web-site to discover the other side of the planet!

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