Relocation Companies

Relocation companies can help you make the transition from your country of origin to Germany a bit smoother.

These companies help you find a moving company, obtain your residence visa (but you still have to go in person to the Landratsamt), find housing, can help with work permit, arrange for utilities, such as phone service and internet.

Relocation specialists can even help with finding a school for your children. Most companies that relocate their employees use these relocation specialists to help them "acclimate" faster to their new surroundings. So, if you are relocated by your company, they should foot the bill.

On the other hand, if your are moving of your own accord, their fees might be a little bit daunting. It is for you to decide if they are necessary or not. They can not replace the advice of friends and colleagues when it is time to choose a doctor or a school.

There are more and more of these relocating specialists, and some have affiliates and partners within Germany but also throughout Europe and the world.

These specialists can also help you when it is time to go back home or somewhere else. They will book your flights, cancelled your contract for utilities and housing, etc.

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