Finally, Moving to Germany !
But where to start?

Yes, indeed, it's after deciding moving to Germany that the realization of all that need to be done can be overwhelming!

But not to worry, I am here to help!
You will find answers to your questions about the day-to-day practicality of moving abroad, such as the official documents to bring, where to apply for a residence visa, etc.

While there are a few web-sites that deal with traveling overseas, very few actually deal with the logistic of moving a whole family (meaning adults AND children) to and living in Germany for more than a couple of weeks of leisure.

So, this site was created to help you navigate through it all.

The first thing to know is:
For how long are you moving to Germany? Is it a short time relocation (a couple of months), a longer stay (one to two years or more) or a permanent move?

Depending of the length of your stay in Germany you might want a bigger (such as this castle in Heidelberg) or a smaller rental place.

Also, what is going to happen with your own house or apartment (in your country of origin)? Will you rent it or sell it? If you decide to rent it, will it be furnished or unfurnished? Go to Preparations for help on these topics.

It will also affect where you want to live: in the city itself or close by? Close to work or to school? There are of course more rental places in big cities than in small towns.

Which bring us to the second point: How many and how old are the kids
(if you have any coming with you overseas)? Are they ready to go to school or staying at home?

And what about the other parent if only one has a job in Germany. What is the other half (better half?) going to do?

Also important is for whom you/your partner is going to work for after moving to Germany. Some companies pay the cost of the moving companies and the relocation companies while others don't.

And, what can you or should you bring with you?

Once again this bring us back to the first point:

How long is your stay in Germany?

These pages deal with some important aspects of moving to Germany:

-Before the move (renting versus selling your house or apartment (condo)), moving companies, manager for your house if you rent it, house insurance )
- Housing in Germany , the different kinds
-Visa (all the paperworks you will need)

Using the links throughout the text or in the navigation bar at the left, go to the information page(s) that interest you.

And remember: Always expect the unexpected and keep your sense of humour. You're going to need it!

Also, if you would like to leave a comment about something you think that we should talk about more or that we forgot to mention, please feel free to use the form below.
But, please remember we can NOT help you with immigration matter. You MUST deal directly with your embassy or consulate and the German officials for this as we are NOT part of any government or of any law firm.

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