Gardening in Germany

Flower Pots in Hirschhorn, Germany

Gardening in Germany is among the most popular outdoor activities in this green country: just about every houses and balconies have gardens of one sort or another. Every available space is taken by flower pots or vegetables gardens, making Germany one of the most beautiful countries that we have visited.

Schwetzingen Castle Garden

Many castles and major residences also have incredible gardens; some are centuries old with fountains, orchards, ponds and green houses.

A stroll in one of them and you will feel as if you had travel back in time when ladies wore corsets and gentlemen socks and shoes with elaborate silk laces.

Many of these gardens are open to public and they generally have a Café or a restaurant where you can have a bite or a Royal meal and something to drink.

Wall Garden in Hirschhorn, Germany

But these tourist sights are not the only one decorated with gardens; most cities and villages also have flower beds at street corners and along walls or flower baskets on small bridges, overhanging on the side of the fences, making the bridges and the city walls a colourful and joyful sight even in February.

Kleinegarden, Germany

There are also little community or allotment gardens in just about every cities and villages in Germany and along highways and train tracks too!

These allotment gardens, called Kleinegarten or Schrebergarten in honour of Dr. Daniel Schreber who helped start these gardens, are government owned gardens in which members pay a small fee to rent a plot of land. There are some rules to follow and these rules might vary from one club (Kleinegartenverein) to the other but most do not allow their members to sleep in the gardens even if they have built a little shed or a shack on the promises.

It is a nice way to meet people and share fruits and veggies with your garden neighbours! For more info on these little gardens, you can contact your municipality (Rathaus) or take a look at "Little Garden Clubs" (Kleingartenvereine) which has a list of clubs or at atkleingarten-bund. This second site is very well done: it explains the hows and the whys of these little Allotments wrongly called "Community Gardens".

White Wisteria in Weinheim, Germany

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