Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Germany

Here is a short directory of the foreign embassies of English-speaking countries in Germany.

But before you contact them, you should know that their judicial powers are quite limited and that they can not represent you in any case in a court of law.

As a guest in Germany, you must abide by the German laws and regulations just like any other German citizen, and can not ask for preferential treatment from the justice department or the hospitals and clinics.

On the other hand your embassy can help if you loose your passport or if you need to renew it.

They can also help with some administrative documents (such as a proof that you are not married if you want to get married here in Germany).

They will also help you to contact your family (or someone else) in emergencies, for example, if you have lost all your money and are in need of financial assistance. But embassies themselves will NOT lend you money.

Officials from foreign embassies or consulates can also visit you in jail or in the hospital to make sure you are as well treated as Germans themselves.

Children born in Germany automatically get their parents nationality, and your embassies can help there too with the administrative documents. Of course the parents will need a birth certificate for the newborn baby. The hospitals usually help you with that.

To get it, the parents will need their own passports, their marriage certificate (translated) and be already registered with the local municipality. The parents then go pick up the birth certificate at the Landratsamt (the same place you go for the residence permit).

Embassy officials will also help when one of their citizens die in Germany. Actually, they should be contacted as soon as possible to help make the necesary arrangements for the return of the body but they will NOT help financially. Having a good insurance policy for such a dire eventuality is a good idea, as the costs can be very high.

The embassy can also act as notaries if you need some "official documents" and have only copies that need to be certified. But be careful here, some German officials will accept ONLY the originals.

You can also contact your embassy to vote absentee and they usually have lists of doctors, dentist, lawyers etc. who can speaks English. Of course, they do not recommend any of these and assume absolutely no responsability as to how you are served.

They might also have some limited knowledge concerning the German tax system, and a list of accountants that can help you with these difficult matters.

Here is the list:



Great Britain



New Zealand

South Africa

Little disclaimer: Although we try to be as accurate and up to date as possible, we can not be held responsible if your government changes its web-site address and we don't know about it. Sorry.

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