Camping in Germany

Camping in the Neckar Valley, Germany

Camping in Germany is a very popular outdoor activity and Family Holiday Camping in Europe is a cheaper more relax way to visit the country than going to the hotel with the kids.

There are many Camping grounds in Germany and they come in all sizes and styles: from almost wild-camping (very few amenities) to very well equipped with showers and restaurants. You will find some all over Germany, along rivers, in wood lots and forest, on the shores of lakes and seas... It is also a relatively cheap way of traveling with the whole family.

The main web-sites for camping in this wonderful country are:

German Camping Club (in German) and Camping places in Germany which has an English version of the site!

If you are looking for good camping gear and advice on camping in general, may I suggest Camp-in-a Tent? It's a great web-site full of interesting info and great products for camping. Another web-site to visit for camping gear is You will find there a lot of info about camping products and where to buy them.

Boating on The Neckar River, Germany

Other outdoor activities that go well with camping are boating and swimming. There are many public beaches along lakes and rivers and also on the seashore in the north of Germany. Many municipalities also have public swimming pools, either indoor or outdoor or both, as well as private ones with all kind of slippery slides and other water games.

Eco-pool, Baden-Wurtemberg, Germany

A few of these pools are called "eco-pool" or "nature-pool" because no chlorine is added to the water. Instead, other eco-friendly technologies are used to clean the water from bacteria and other "pollutants". We tried one of them and must say that it was nice to get out of the water without smelling bleach!

Another popular activity while camping is fishing! And Germany certainly has a lot to offer, but you must have a permit! For more info. on the subject, we recommend this web-site (in English, no less!): Fishing.


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