Here's a few pics of Australia taken during our trip this Summer (their Winter).

I hope you'll enjoy!

A few days on the three masts Whitsundays Magic, made in Turkey in 1994. This beautiful tall ship weight about a hundred tones; Ten of which were fuel!

The White Sands of Whitehaven Beach, close to Turtle bay. This sand is made of 99% pure silica and was used to make the mirror of the Hubble telescope.

Actually, the sand is so white that the turtles won't come to this beach to lay their eggs (not hot enogh) but will go on the other side of the island to the aptly named Turtle Bay.

Whitehaven is probably one of the most pictures taken Bay in the world. Just look at these blues and whites!

A break on the balcony looking at the Maroochy river and the Pacific ocean.

A sight from Australia that few people take the time to see: the big divider range. It is usually cooler up there and the view of the coast from high up is beautiful on a clear day.

One of my preferred flowers in Australia: the bottle brush. There are many species but this red one is certainly one of the most beautiful there is! It grows mainly in the range.

Going for a drive on the beach, we stopped at the Red Canyon to look at the colour sands.

There is supposed to be 70 different colours of sands throughout these sand dunes, from white to yellow to red and orange and black with every hues in between.

Another fantastic view of the beach and the ocean. Taken from the top off the Red Canyon (steep 15 minutes walk to the top!).

Once on the beach, might as well stop for fishing!
And so, the three men sure did! But, no fish tonight!

Last but not least, the bird of the wild, the laughing beast that try to steal your lunch: the Kookaburra (pronounced kookooburo with the Ausi accent, mate!).

Few people know that, but the Laughing Kookaburra of Australia is actually an oversized Kingfisher with an attitude who does not eat fish (like any respectable kingfisher would!) but reptiles!