Coming to Germany? Willkommen! Welcome!

So, is Germany for you? Are you ready for the big move overseas? Or maybe just thinking about it?

Or you are already living in Europe and want to know a bit more about this wonderful country of Wurst, Dunkelbier and wonderful Christmas Markets?

This site is for you.

I have been living abroad with my family in Australia and in "Deutschland" for a while now and can help you figure out the "Whats", "Whys" and "Hows" of the big move.

As with any other country, "Deutschland" has its own
rules and bureaucratic criteria.
Having somebody "real", without government or business affiliation, who has already passed through the ordeal can only make things easier for you.

While here, might as well travel, no?! Once you are well set up, you might want to have a look at the section specially devoted to nice lesser-known places throughout Germany and the adjoining countries.

I have talked with many people from around the world who moved here to live and taken their suggestions into consideration while writing this site. Many heads are better than one!

I tried to make the site as easy and as useful as possible, just click on the subject that you want in the bar at the left.

Let me know if something you are looking for is missing, by leaving a comment in the comment box. But please remember, this is a work in progress.

Have a nice trip! Bon voyage! Gute Reise!

Lubeck is an old Hanseatic city situated on the Trave river, at the frontier between what used to be West and East Germany, close to the Baltic Sea.
Sellin is an old German town along the Baltic Sea. It was part of East Germany during the cold war. You can relax in beautiful Victorian style villas that were renovated during the last ten years.
Moving to Germany, Relocation or Visiting?
A site dedicated to Moving to Germany, with all the day-to-day details of relocation, rentals and moving companies. To make it as painless as possible for you and your family.
Preparing for Germany
While Preparing for Germany you have to decide about renting your house or selling it, choosing a property manager, a moving company and the insurance.
Relocating to Germany
Relocating to Germany can be a great experience especially if you know what to expect. We used our own experience to create this site, to help you plan your move and your stay in this wondeful country
Residence Visa in Germany
What you need to get a residence visa (or residence permit) in Germany. All the documents you need for a visa in Germany (German visa)
Work Permit
What you need to know to get your work permit in Germany
German Workplace
What to expect of the German Workplace, and the German social benefits. Plus a small description of German taxes
German Fun Facts
German Fun Facts and differences between Germany and other countries
Festivals in Germany
There are so many festivals in Germany that you need to write them down on a calendar to rememeber them all! In fact, Germany is the European country with the most paid holidays!
German Food
German food might not be as well known as the Italian and the French cuisine, but some of its meals are truly delicious: the Schnitzel, the hundred of Wurst, the Xmas Cookies. And of course, the Beer!
The Carnival (Karneval) is one the most celebrated events in Germany! There are many cultural events happening throughout the year in Germany and in fact, it is the country with the most holiday days
Christmas in Germany
Christmas in Germany is a wonderful time of the year!
Valentine's Day in Germany
Valentine's Day is celebrated by Germans with the heart shape cards and ginger cookies. They also add a little twist of their own....
Easter in Germany
Celebrating Easter in Germany is one of the most important events of the year and many of the Easter customs come from that country, such as Easter Bunny and Eggs.
Oktoberfest must be the most well known German party of all!
Learn German
To Learn German is a good way to help you prepare for Germany; it will help you understand the people and their culture. Language School available throughout the country.
Bad Wimpfen
Bad Wimpfen is an exquisite little town along the river Neckar, part of the Burgenstrasse (Castle route) and only an hour from Heidelberg, in Germany. It has a world reknown Spa.
Castles of Germany
Wonderful Castles of Germany, from the very well known Neuschwanstein Castle to the romantic Heidelberg Castle to lesser known Palace in Trier. From fairy tale Castles to romantic ruins
Dilsberg is a beautiful thousand years old little town on the top of a hill overlooking the Neckar River and has a fantastic view of the four castles of Neckarsteinach accross the river.
Heidelberg, the Pearl of the Neckar, is a very Romantic city best known for its castle. It is situated along the river Neckar, close to its confluence with the Rhine. It is one of the few German citie
Hirschhorn, a German Medieval town!
Hirschhorn, along the Neckar river, is a beautiful little medieval town that has kept part of its wall. A romantic castle overlooks the village and the valley.
Neckargemund is a charming little town near Heidelberg and situated on the shore of the river Neckar. The name of this beautiful little town comes from the German Mund, i.e. mouth, because this is whe
Neckarsteinach is quite impressive with its four old Medieval Castles overlooking the Necakr River and the city itself.
Neckar Valley
The Neckar Valley is one of the most beautiful regions of Germany. The river Neckar join the river Rhine close to the well known city of Heidelberg. Many smaller towns along its shores are worth disco
Beautiful Schwetzingen Palace Gardens!
Schwetzingen is best known for the wonderful palace gardens. We give you a guided tour through the numerous paths of its fantastic gardens with its pounds and pavilions.
Schwetzingen Bathhouse
Schwetzingen bathhouse is more than just a place to take a bath: it is a nice building with 7 main rooms where Carl Theodore entertained his guests.
German Banks
What to expect of German Banks. The difference between banking in Germany versus other countries
Driving in Germany
Driving cars in Germany can be fun: the Autobahns are there for you and the landscape is fantastic. But there are rules to follow and you should know them before embarking on a road trip
Education in Germany
The German Education system: from Kindergarten to University level. The public vs private German school: what is the best education in Germany.
Foreign Embassies and Consulates in Germany
Addresses of major foreign embassies and consulates in Germany, including the embassies of the USA, UK, India, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand
Associations Francophones en Allemagne
Il y a plusieurs associations francophones en Allemagne (dont une du Québec) qui peuvent vous aider à vous intégrer dans la communauté, qui ont beaucoup d'information et de liens intéressants et dont
German Post
German Post, or Deutche Post, is more than just a postal service in Germany. They also offer banking services and they are very efficient.
Germany's News
Germany's News
German Health Care
What you need to know about German Health Care, German Doctors, German Pharmacy, Apotheka and German hospital. With important Emergency numbers.
Housing in Germany
Housing in Germany, either to rent or to buy, can be a complex issue depending of your work and if you have kids. Also, you have the choice between furnished and unfurnished house or apartment rental.
interpreter-service to help non-German going through German bureaucracy
German Pharmacy versus Drugstore
The German Pharmacy or Apotheke, is quite different from the Drugstore found in North America or Australia. One is always open in a given neighbourhood.
Phone Service in Germany
Since the deregulation of the phone service in Germany, getting a phone line and internet access has become more of a hassle; it can take a long time. Many people opt for cellular only.
Public Transport
Public Transport and Deutsche Bahn in Germany are very efficient and go everywhere throughout the country, from small towns to big cities. Including trains, trams and subways (U-bahn).
Shopping in Germany
Shopping in Germany can be quite an exciting experience, especially at the Christmas Markets and the weekly farmers markets. There are also many specialized shops such as Metzgerei (Butcher), Backerei
Outdoor Activities
Germany is a fantastic country for outdoor activities. There are bike and walking trails criss- crossing the whole country. You can camp, sail, canoe or make your little garden, and many more.
Pets in Germany
How to bring your Pets in Germany, where to find a veterinarian and German customs regarding cats and dogs in public places.
German Wildlife
German wildlife might not been as abundant (plentiful) as in North America, but you can still have a surprise or two while walking through the forest; seeing a small deer in a field or a wild boar rus
A year in Germany
A year in Germany is the journey of discoveries and adventures of a North American family
eBook Relocate to Germany
The utlimate eBook to relocate to Germany painlessly
Resources for Travel
Some resources that we found very useful while traveling through Europe: cheap flights, cheap cruise
How to create a eBook
How to create your own eBook and make money with it!
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