Coming to Germany? Willkommen! Welcome!

So, is Germany for you? Are you ready for the big move overseas? Or maybe just thinking about it?

Or you are already living in Europe and want to know a bit more about this wonderful country of Wurst, Dunkelbier and wonderful Christmas Markets?

This site is for you.

I have been living abroad with my family in Australia and in "Deutschland" for a while now and can help you figure out the "Whats", "Whys" and "Hows" of the big move.

As with any other country, "Deutschland" has its own
rules and bureaucratic criteria.
Having somebody "real", without government or business affiliation, who has already passed through the ordeal can only make things easier for you.

While here, might as well travel, no?! Once you are well set up, you might want to have a look at the section specially devoted to nice lesser-known places throughout Germany and the adjoining countries.

I have talked with many people from around the world who moved here to live and taken their suggestions into consideration while writing this site. Many heads are better than one!

I tried to make the site as easy and as useful as possible, just click on the subject that you want in the bar at the left.

Let me know if something you are looking for is missing, by leaving a comment in the comment box. But please remember, this is a work in progress.

Have a nice trip! Bon voyage! Gute Reise!

If you want to learn more about moving in Germany, this eGuide is for you! just click on the book!

Or, for a day to day travel log, have a look at this one!